Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mom's Day Out!!

I have been just not in a "blogging" mood lately so I am back! We have been having lots of fun around here with swimming, play dates, and just hanging out as a family! My mom and dad have been in town as well so we always have fun when they're here!
Mother's Day was great! Aaron took the kids to Artful Potter when I was on my trip to make me a plate! It turned out really cute and I'm sure I will look back and cry at my kids handprints when they are older!

This is Sienna's contribution that she is so proud of! Sienna told me all about the plate she made me before Mother's Day even though Aaron wanted it to be a surprise. She always reminded me it was a surprise though when she would talk about it! Too cute!

The first weekend in May I went with some of my girl friends on a kid free trip! We went out to eat, got pedicures, shopped as much as possible, laughed, never shut up, and just had fun with the girls! We rode in style in Kinsey's minivan which I want now! (That thing is AMAZING-you think I'm kidding- ask her to take you for a spin!) haha Here are some pics of our adventure! (Kathryn- how did you manage to drop in for most of the fun and not get in a pic??) I think the people at the gas station thought we were 13 yr olds the way were giggling and taking pics! Oh well- it was worth it!

Thanks to our husbands for watching the kids! I think we should make it a tradition! Next stop... Newport!