Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well I am getting around to posting our Thanksgiving pictures! We had lots of fun hanging out with Aaron's family in Beaver! Sienna LOVES all of her cousins! She now knows all their names, so she likes to try and boss them around even though she is one of the youngest!=) This weekend also made me realize how hard having another baby around with a 2 year old is going to be. Sienna would not leave Jaxson alone (he is 2 months)! She constantly was having to kiss him and try to hold him while trying to take card of him when he cried. This is going to be interesting...

On Thursday night I headed to St. George with my sister-in-laws for Black Friday. I had never been before and man is it crazy!! We started at midnight with the outlets and stayed out ALL night. They had never done that one before but I think I almost was put into labor! I got so sick and was having "mini-contractions" or so the doctor told me at my appointment yesterday! Oops! I did get some fun stuff and I have so much fun with the girls in my family! It was lots of fun! Maybe next time I will go when I am not 7 1/2 months pregnant though or not skip out on a nights sleep! I have some die hard shoppers in my family and let's be honest- I fit right in! Thanks Aaron for watching our crazy!

We came home Saturday and set all of our Christmas up! I am sure glad to be done with that! Now I am constantly reminding Sienna we just lookand don't touch the tree. She likes to act like she's just looking and when I turn away, grab something off the tree and run. I don't even know why I bother! I thought she was bad last year at 10 months..yea right! I must admit she is so fun at this age! She loves all the lights and reminds me each morning to put them on when we go down for breakfast. It will only get funner from here on out with her! Well I have rambled on enough!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cindy Lou Who

I love this picture! I think Sienna looks like Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch and I had to post it!

Weekend Fun

This last weekend was quite an eventful one! Aaron went to Phoenix with one of his best friends from high school so Sienna and I hung out with my family. (we do ALL the time anyways since Aaron is a BUSY boy!) On Friday we went to the lake. It was so nice out there! A little chilly when we got going, but fine when we were just floating. Sienna loved the boat and lake and woke up this morning telling Aaron "boat, lake, fun!" and laughing. Here is a pic of her out there in her "jacket" that she hated...wouldnt you??

On Saturday we went and stayed at my parents "Sienna house" in St. George. They built the house even before Sienna was born and the neighborhood is named Sienna Canyon which explains the name. My parents like to tell Sienna it is her house so when we got there she told me "Mom, House- Sienna's!" and would get all excited. I am not sure she gets it but it was still funny. My mom and I went to Tai Pan (loooved it!) and we went "cruisin" through Zion's National Park after my dad insisted. He is a little obsessed with nature and would have driven all day if we would have let him BUT little girls, pregnant ladies, and 16 year old Jeremy don't like to sit in cars for long periods of time!=)
We had a picnic and enjoyed the leaves! Sienna and I went to lunch with my sister in law Tiffany and her little girl Whitley. Sienna and Whitley are 7 months apart but still little pals and had a blast together. I also got some way cute cowboy fabric for a blanket for my little boy who is coming way way too soon!! AAH! I am starting to freak out a little (can you tell??) I am so scared to have 2 kids but I will adjust! Here are some pics in the leaves!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Well it has come.. we can finaly put Sienna's hair in a tiny (and i do mean tiny) little half ponytail! She is almost 21 months and we are now getting to play dress up. haha.. This is an exciting day for a mom of a once bald baby! I think you truly have to have a bald baby to understand the significance of this wonderful day! I do love that Sienna does have quite a bit of hair in the back and it's so curly and cute! I love my little drama queen!