Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Newport Beach August 2007

Here are some of the pictures from the beach this last week! Every year we go to Newport Beach, CA with my dad's side of the family for a few days. It was soo fun and I don't want to be home! Sienna loved every second of being in the sand, being mauled and entertained by her cousins every second, and going from person to person to get some food like we starve her or something. I enjoyed just sitting on the beach while everyone else played with my kid so I didn't have to chase her all the time and could relax a little. =) It was also nice to actually get to spend some time as a family since Aaron isn't around as much as we'd like. Overall it was great and we can't wait til next year when we go again!

Sienna has a small obsession with "chalky" aka chocolate to the rest of us. What can I say?

Sienna with two of her most favorite people in the world!

Our little family

The whole Callister Family

My family! I just love them!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Alaska... just a little late!

So here are some of the pictures from when we went to pick up Jared in Alaska! I know I am a little late but I had to get the pictures off of my mom's camera. I finally did that and posted them to my blog! It was so beautiful there! Pictures of the beach soon to follow!

Monday, August 6, 2007

2 posts in 1 day! Check me out!

So I was going through e-mails and found this picture of Sienna when she was just 1 day old! Newborns just grow way too fast!! I know all my posts are Sienna but let's be honest..who runs my life? I just thought this picture was precious and it makes me so excited to hold another newborn in a few months! The sleepless nights, crazy schedule and everything about a newborn are so exhausting at the time but before you know it, they aren't so little anymore! So I am trying to enjoy every moment I have with my little girl while it is just the three of us, even if it means my house is a wreck and she is a little on the spoiled side...Ok so that is my thought for the day! Anyone else with an insight to think about??

Tag I'm It!

OK OK I know I am a slacker but I have been gone for 1 1/2 weeks and no internet service! So here you go Katie and Emilie!

Jobs I've had:
1. Receptionist at Albright Callister
2. Lifeguard
3. Kara Chocolates (I think I gained 5 lbs because I would sit and eat chocolate for free!)
4. Legal Secretary

Places for a Weekend Getaway:
1. Newport Beach (go Wednesday!!)
2. Springville/Mapleton, Utah
3. The lake
4. Beaver,UT only when all the family is there

Movies I can watch over & over:
1. Sweet Home Alabama
2. 10 Things I Hate About you
3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
4. Gilmore Girls DVD's

Guilty Pleasures: cream, ice cream, ice cream
2.going shopping for anything even though I have no $$
3. pretending I'm the fashion Police (like I have any room to talk, its just a bad habit that I can't seem to break)haha Katie-me too-
4. getting out of the Vegas heat and dreaming of moving anywhere but here

Places I've Lived:
1. Las Vegas
2. Provo, Utah
3. Orem, Utah
4. Las Vegas..ok I am a loser

What I thought when I first saw my significant other:
1. his teeth are super white (i am a teeth freak!)
2. loved his olive skin and eyes
3. i wasn't totally smitten at first to be honest..i was still kinda dating a total loser and to be honest Aaron was the first guy that really helped me get over him.. he was a rebound that was so so so so so much better! but i love him even more for that!
4. he treated me like a princess

Places I've been on vacation:
1. Hawaii
2. Orlando, Florida
3. California
4. The church history tour

Favorite Foods:
1. ice cream
2. any mexican food
3. pizza
4. any fruit

If in a "jam" with my spouse, tactics I use to get out of the Doghouse:
1. annoy him and tell him he knows he loves me
2.Just leave him to stew and get over it
3. usually sienna does something funny and we just laugh and get over whatever we were mad about
4. feed him, that usually gets him in a good mood

Websites I visit daily:
1. yahoo mail
2. blog stuff

First kiss locations:
1. my car
2.his house
3. my house

Places I'd rather be:
1. newport beach already
2. my parents house in Utah even though I barely got back
3. Hawaii
4. shopping

People I want to Tag:
1. Kelly because she hasn't been tagged!
2.Amanda because she still hasnt done it or posted FOREVER
3. Kathryn so she will get a blog!
4. Michelle (I will let you get back from Hawaii though..)