Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three Years Old!

Austin turned 3 last weekend! I honestly wanted to cry, but we had a fun day! The night before his birthday we took him to Target and told him to pick out whatever toy he wanted. He chose a big Buzz Lightyear! (surprise, surprise..haha!) He has Woody and he LOVES it so we added Buzz to the collection. On his actual birthday this is what we did:

Morning: He requested his favorite. Chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk. Took 2 bites as usual. (this kid DOES NOT eat EVER!)

Grandma & Grandpa came over to give him his new Toy Story bike from both grandparents!

(Sidenote: I tried talking A into getting a bike put together at Wal-Mart. NO- he wanted Toy Story. (how did he even know they had them?) SO I had to call 6 different stores until I found the very last one in stock at Toys R Us. Good thing my hubby is handy and can put anything together in 10 minutes with his busy schedule...)

Lunch: Cafe Rio with his grandma and grandpa

Then we headed to St. George so he could have a party with his cousin on Aaron's side. They're 8 hours apart. Austin wanted a spiderman party. Statlen wanted a Buzz & Woody party. SO we had both. We had pizza and cake at a park with almost all the cousins and Granny & Papa Bruce! A fun time was had by all! Saturday birthdays are the best!
Austin LOVES his bike and is always begging to go outside and ride it. Good thing it has been in the 60's for a couple weeks now so we can go to the park and ride outside everyday!

I love Vegas the months of October to about April!! Can't beat it!
Happy Birthday to my little man! Time- please slow down...please!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Babies Are Growing Up...

*picture done by my friend May. just a random moment she caught of my kiddies.
"I'll like you for always, i'll love you forever, as long as I'm living my babies you'll be"
My babies are growing up on me. Austin will be THREE on Saturday and Sienna, 3 weeks after that, will be FIVE!! NOOOOO!! It honestly makes me tear up a little bit. I love the ages they are at. Granted, there are plenty of fights, fits, and whining that happens around here. I still love them with all my heart and think they are at SUCH a fun age. I can take them pretty much anywhere and not want to pull my hair out! I just wanted to take a moment and cry. =) I know they are still little but I still can't believe how fast the time has gone. I cherish every second that is a happy, fun moment with them and hope I can be close with them forever and hope they don't cause me TOO much grief as they grow!

*As I'm typing this Sienna is blowing in a straw making it whistle in my face and laughing like it is the funniest thing she has heard...i tell ya I was sent this little angel to teach me patience....everyday is such a joy with her!! haha!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Disney On Ice

For the 2nd year in row, Sienna and I went to Disney On Ice. She has been asking about going for months and so off we went! We had dinner at Outback at her request. Nothing like some Mac' A Roo N' Cheese! Then off we went to the show. She loved the princesses and asked me if they were going back home to their castle. Precious- the innocence of a child! It was fun and it is always nice to have some one on one time with her.

We definitely could use some sun- that's for sure! We look WAY too white!

At dinner time....

The wonderful princesses!!

And this picture is just too funny to not post! These two were cuddling on the couch (WHICH IS A RARE THING) and I thought I better get a pic before hair was being pulled, slapping, pinching- you get the idea. Sibling Love!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chocolate anyone?

Austin is very obsessive compulsive. Even at the age of 2. He is OBSESSED with his milk and there better be some chocolate mixed in. He lives off chocolate milk literally. He has maybe 2 or 3 bites AT THE MOST of the food made, but give him some milk (with chocolate!!) and his blanky and he shuts his eyes as he sips it like it is his little piece of heaven. The other night Aaron made chocolate shakes and Austin was in LOVE.

Obsession 2- his masks, guns, and cowboy boots.
Austin can be found most of the day with one of those items on. I just had to snap a pic of him the other day in his usual get up.

All day long we have to strap the mask on over and over and over. SUCH A BOY!!

SNOW in Vegas

We woke up to snow all over the ground. I was like a kid at Christmas! Austin couldn't believe his eyes and ran in to wake up a groggy Sienna. We got out the snow clothes (which were still out because we were SUPPOSED to go Beaver after Christmas but all took turns getting sick!) SO instead we just stayed at home! Even if it did melt by noon. Now that's MY kind of snow!

A New Start!

I have a goal. This year I am going to try to blog ALL.THE.TIME. And then I plan on making it into a book. Each year I make my kids a book of the year. I figure as I have more kids, I won't have time to do one for each kid. (I hardly make time to make for the 2 I do have!) SO- 2010 is going to be a digitally scrapbooked year. 2011 is going to be a blog book. I am going to see which one I like better. Sound good? So you can either read it or don't. Either way I am going to try to stay on top of this!