Wednesday, August 27, 2008

7 months old!

Our little Austin man turned 7 months on August 22! Time goes too fast! He weighs 17 lbs. 9 oz. and 27 inches long! I am documenting some things for my own sake because I know I will forget!
*LOVES any food! screams and jumps up and down crying until he gets some in his mouth even if he just ate
*rolls all over the place and starting to push up on his hands and knees
*says ba ba, da da, and ma ma all the time
*loves Sienna and laughs hysterically at pretty much everything she does
*crys and jumps if his dad, mom, papa or grandma walk by and don't acknowledge him
*hates green baby food
*loves to chew on his feet and grab at everything
*gets way too spoiled by his grandpa. I tell him to NOT feed him something and does he listen? NO! He's had chocolate, pop, cookies all because he screams and papa gives in
We love him more than I ever thought possible and I think I cherish the baby in him more this time around because I know how fast time flies by! We love you Austin Man, our little bug, duders, handsome, Austin Boston etc.. etc..
Isn't it funny how your kiddies get so many nick names??

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Newport Beach 2008

We got back on Saturday from our annual family trip to Cali with all of my dad's side of the family! It is so much fun even if it gets a little crazy with all the kids! There is nothing like sitting on the beach, relaxing, and now watching my little ones love it as much as I did! Sienna hated the water until the last day when my cousin Brooke took her in. She just liked to play in the sand and run from the waves. Austin loved the water and would cry when you took his feet out. I got to sit and read for once, while all the family entertained my kids! =) Sienna is still asking me when we are going to the beach again and going around with her sand toys telling me she is building me a sand castle.=) I was honestly going to cry when it was time to go home! The only bad part was on the way home my cousin Jess got in a horrible car accident. Jess and her friend were okay luckily but the car is completely crunched. Then our transmission on my Yukon started dying on us so we kept having to pull over and turn the a/c off over the hills. It's going to be a pretty penny to fix, but at least we all made it home safe and sound! We can't wait until next year! Here is some pics! One day I will get around to scrapbooking them...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Disgusting Cows

I went up to Provo for the 24th of July to have my uncle check out my Yukon and do some work on it for me. My brother Jared was given some baby calves by his work which he has been feeding and keeping so he can rope them. He wanted Sienna to come see them so my mom took her out there. Sienna was so excited until she saw them. Jared asked her if she wanted to pet them which she responded "No, they have flies on them. That's disgusting!" She is such a girly girl. (I have no idea where she gets it!!)ha! She only liked to look at them! Who would guess this girl comes from a long line of cowboys on both sides!

While we were there I floated the Provo River with Jaylene and my Dad's whole family on the 24th. It was so fun even though Jaylene and I seemed to get pushed into the sides with the rocks and trees! We had a picnic afterwards with everyone which was fun too! I LOVE UTAH!!

Grandma Joyce & Austin

My dad & Grandpa Wiley

Cassidy & Victoria (Sienna's best pals) playing by the river