Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! This year has definitely been one of the best years yet since having children. Both kids understand and are so excited! We have done so many fun little Christmas activities! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Post about Sienna

Once again, I know I am slacking so I am just taking a moment to write about my beatiful baby girl because I just love her to pieces. She drives me to near insanity on a DAILY basis but she wouldn't be Sienna without that personality, sass, and beauty of hers.

On Thanksgiving she ran to me with a little slip of paper she had received from her primary teacher and we had forgot to fill out!! (She was quite concerned we hadn't!) On the sheet it says "I am thankful for" with a few lines on it. So I simply asked her and these were her replies in order-

I am Thankful for:


my brother

all my family

grandma and grandpa

heavenly father

mom and dad




my cousins




my friends

and then I had to stop her because we were out of room and off she ran to make some unbelievable mess or taunt her brother to no end..=)

I just wanted to write this down to remember. I thought it was so cute how she just kept going and going. I hope she can always be so thankful for all she has because she really is one lucky little thing who has so many people who love her and give her WAY too much attention. BUT Sienna is one of those kids who thrives off attention- good or bad, so I am glad she has lots of love surrounding her.

On another note, our ward had this genius idea to have the young women watch the kids 3 and up for "Santa's Workshop" so the parents can go shopping. She loved it, and I loved it!=)

Anyways- while there she saw Santa!! (can you believe it!?!?) While there she told him she wants "a thing like her dad's iphone AND a bike." Well Santa told her he was going to work on getting those for her. I nicely explained that Santa will bring her "one" of the items requested because they are expensive. Oh no- Santa told her she could have both so that's just what she will get. (That dang Santa!)

It is pretty funny when I think about it but I have had to work a lot today asking which item she requests because only one can come to our house now. (I think I have her convinced on her own little handheld computer thing- Fisher Price IXL) She is SO her father's daughter. I had to convince of the IXL because she's been requesting an Iphone and Ipod since June.

So I just wanted to jot these little things down because I know I will forget. I can't handle how fast time goes. And Christmas is dang expensive when you have kids. Especially ones who like electronics. What happened to a good old barbie doll? Good thing Austin wants a GI Joe mask- I can handle that! I can only imagine when I have more kids and they get older! Aah!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bad Mom & Bad Blogger

I just don't have it in me to blog anymore. I finally got the energy to do it, and remembered Aaron has my laptop with him on his trip to Phoenix with all my pictures on it. NOO!! I am not about to upload all my pics onto this computer.

So instead I took a pic of the kids tonight in all their glory.

It is 6:30 on a Sunday night in November. Some little facts around here

*Aaron went to Phoenix for the weekend with his friend from high school which leaves me all by myself

*Sienna is wearing her swimsuit at 6:30 at night- don't ask me why and ask me if I care. She was even out back playing in it in the freezing cold.
Austin had his on too but fell asleep on the floor. When I moved him to his bed to put him in jammies he woke up- dang it!! power nap for him...
*we may have had frozen pizza for lunch and top ramen for dinner- gourmet i know!

*there are toys strewn about my house in every room and popcorn thrown all over the floor in my bedroom.

*i am beyond exhausted. Not because Aaron is gone but because it is Sunday, and I have done nothing but go to church today. I feel like this every Sunday.

*I am so sick of cleaning up messes CONSTANTLY. They never end. My mom tells me I will miss this when they're gone but I beg to differ

*we really miss Aaron and wish he would come home.

* if my kids ask me one more time to call Santa and tell him what they want I may scream

*Austin just sat on my lap and farted.

*Sienna just came in to tell me Austin just peed on the floor in my room. GREAT!


Isn't life grand???

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This last weekend we went with some families from our church to the Gilcrease Orchards. I am still not sure how this place grows fruit, veggies, and pumpkins in this heat! We had lots of fun picking out pumpkins and pears but it sure was HOT!! It's just not right to be doing fall things and have it be 100 degrees! We were dying of a heat stroke, and it was a little pricey but it's become a yearly tradition for us!

Sienna and Sadie thought they were so funny carrying this pumpkin that weighed almost as much as them.
Sienna picked out her tennis shoes and tutu dress. I have decided the battle is not worth fighting any longer!

picking pears
Waiting in the forever long line to buy the pumpkins. Typical day at our house: Sienna happy to bug her brother to death and him screaming. One day soon the tables will turn!
And this is how I found my little man tonight on his bed. He would not take a nap today and exhausted himself. I sure love these two little kids of mine, even if they drive me absolutely crazy. I'm grateful there mine.
And tonight I was lazy and didn't feel like making a dessert so I threw a Marie Calendars dutch apple pie in the oven for us and OH.MY.GOSH. I don't think I'll ever bake again. I'll just pop one of those in the oven, put a little whip cream on top and pure heaven!! (plus the kids were in bed due to no naps and playing all day which made it even better!!)
Until next time...

Bellagio Flower Gardens

Last week for family night we decided to head over to the Bellagio hotel and check out there fall display in the flower gardens. (My kids LOVE it and it's free!!) So off we went- it did not disappoint. After we walked around we went to the water show which is always fun to see!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Alive!!

So has it really been Austin's b-day in January that I posted last??? WOW! Where does the time go? We are still around and busy as ever! Before having children I always could not wait (while working full time) to "just be a mom" and sit around all day. HA!! Maybe that's why I got two of the busiest kids around?? As I am typing this Sienna is screaming and throwing a fit on the floor and Austin is throwing Halloween decorations all over the floor. The JOYS of motherhood!! So I hope to get started back up in blogging so I have something to remember when I'm old!

Here's a recap. We moved into a much nicer, larger house in July and LOVE IT!! We have a garage and a big backyard. Doesn't sound like much for some, but from where we came we are in HEAVEN!! The house really is gorgeous though and we hope to be here a LONG time!

We went to the beach in August (my favorite thing ever!) for almost a week and loved every minute of it. We also made a couple trips up to Utah to play with grandma and grandpa but we really just stayed home, died of a heat stroke, and went swimming ALL THE TIME!!

And now Sienna is in her second year of Joyschool with all her friends from our old ward. She also just started dance at Bunker Dance and thinks it is the best thing in the world. Every day we hear "what do I have today MOm?" If she's not at school or dance she is off with grandma when she is here, or at a friends. I think I may have just recreated myself.

Austin is such a boy. Almost 3 years old. It kind of makes me want to cry! He is OBSESSED with his cowboy boots. Wears them everyday, rain or shine. (And let's be honest, there is no rain around here!) So here it is 100 degrees and he is in shorts and his boots and don't even try to fight him on it. He LOVES motorcycles, football, soccer, and horses. It is so funny how boys are just born that way!!

I stay busy carpooling Sienna all around (I can only imagine when I have more kids and activites) and try to spend time as a family and hang out with my girl friends when I can! Life is good though and I feel very blessed with all that I have. Hopefully I can keep up to date!

Until then.. some random pics of the kids and a pic from the beach because it is the only one I have of all of us anytime recently and we look all grungy too!!

BY the way- my kids NEVER stop fighting and it is really annoying!! And play-doh is a great entertainer but such a mess!! I think I forgot how to post too! Night!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

For all you computer enthusiasts

First, I need to say this is not Jenn posting this, but rather the computer geek who lives in the house. I just built the computer you see in the picture for a client, and the specs are:

- Intel i7 975 Extreme Edition CPU
- ASUS Motherboard P6T Deluxe V2
- 6GB DDR3 Corsair Memory
- EVGA Nvidia GeForce 9800GT Graphics Card
- 1TB Hard Drive
- ATX full tower case (moves a lot of air)
- Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

This machine benchmarks extremely high, and will be used mainly for video editing and production with additional graphics cards to follow. We didn't go with a liquid cooling solution due to the case moving sufficient air for the intended use and the temperature remaining low due to special application procedures.

If you or anyone you know are interested in an estimate for a custom computer to fit your specific needs, contact us.

and the pictures follow.....

Before the power is turned on.

The finished product

Visit A L L Computers for more information.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Austin's Birthday Party

We had a little family gathering in St. George with Aaron's family for Austin's birthday. Statlen and Austin had a Cars themed birthday party with most of their cousins and they both loved every minute of it! We got Austin an electric "Cars" four wheeler and he rides it ALL the time!

Ok this catches me up almost! I have been out of it with the blogging world! Maybe this week I can catch up with Sienna's birthday as well!

Austin Man turns 2!

My little baby turned 2 on January 22! (And yes he is still my baby even though he's not quite a baby, and rather a crazy toddler!) We started out the day with his favorite- pancakes. Then we made a cake and celebrated real quick before Aaron had to head off to school! The next day we had a big family party with Aaron's side with Statlen in St. George, UT. (They are 8 hours apart!)
Austin has such a funny personality and especially LOVES to make the wierdest faces as you can see! I just love my little man to pieces!

Disney on Ice!

Sienna and I went on a little date to Disney on Ice in January. She loved every second of it! She begged me to get her a snow cone (which was freaking $12!!) but I just had to give in! I love this little girl and I am so glad to have one! (Hopefully one day she will get a sister but if not, it's ok- i just love her!)

Best Friends

I really don't know where I would be without these two crazies in my life! They drive me crazy but I love them even more!

Temple Square

While we were in Utah we got all bundled up and went to see the Temple Square lights. There was lots of whining and complaining from the boys of the family but we made them go!! (Brothers and dad....enjoy your sisters for those of you who have them!!) It was FREEZING! I think it was about 15 degress that night but it was still fun to go see the beautiful lights and temple grounds!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Christmas 2009

So I know I am WAY late with this post but better late than never, right? Things have been a little crazy around here to say it mildly! My cousin Brittany moved in with us at the beginning of the year, Aaron is NEVER home, my kids have had to adjust to sharing a room , I have had to adjust to A LOT of things, and i just have had NO desire to blog! My free time is spent sitting on the couch exhausted! I better get caught up so I can not have any gaps in my book! For Christmas this year we headed up to my parents house in Springville, UT. My kids loved the snow and it was a nice change for it to actually feel like Christmas! We stayed up there for a whole week and did lots of FUN things as a family! Santa helped Sienna's grandpa Bruce build her a barbie house for Christmas. Due to the size of it he delivered it the night before we left! =)

She loves it and plays with it ALL the time! I think it is so special her grandpa built it for her.


We hung out with my dad's side of the family. We had lunch at Tucano's. (DELICIOUS!)and then headed over to my grandma & grandpa Callister's new house in Mapleton. They had a program which they do every year and Sienna sang for the whole family. (close to 30 people I would say) We had to finally pull her off that microphone after 3 songs. haha- I don't know where she gets her performing abiulities!;D I have a feeling she is going to be like her cousins on the Albright side! Watch out signature productions!

My kids LOVE these girls!

Grandpa was sure entertained during the program..haha!


WAY too spoiled!!

When grandma & grandpa get you a bike on Christmas , it is too cold to go outside so you ride it inside...=)
My mom and I took Sienna to her FIRST movie in the theatre. Alvin & the Chipmunks. She did pretty good!

Once it heated up a bit (to a whole 20 degrees) they went out to ride! My kids had serious whining issues over "snow clothes" but they got over it!
Overall Christmas was a success and really fun to spend time as a family! Onto the next post when I get some more energy!