Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Binky Rehab

Anyone who knows Sienna knows she is OBSESSED with her binky. I have attempted to get rid of it on numerous occasions and she is so horrible that I just give it back for my own sanity. (I know.. i have no patience!) SO awhile back my mom got a book at Target called "BYe Bye Pacifier" It's about a little boy who takes his binky and mails them off to the babies that need one. It's one of Sienna's favs and so the other night after she read it I said "Should we mail your binkies to the babies that need them?" and I got an excited "YEA!" in response. What!?! We usually get "NO!" So I jumped on it. We went and got all her binkies and she put them in the envelope and we sealed it up and took it to the mailbox. Here are pictures of the joyous event!

One last time with binky

Mailing it off to the babies that need them!

We then went to Target to get her a toy for being so nice and giving her binkies up!

So it has been 2 days and I feel like I am in a drug rehab! She has done pretty well though considering her obsession! She went to sleep okay the first night but yesterday had NO nap and had a hard time going to bed. She asks me to go get the binkies back from the mailbox and she keeps stealing Austins saying she is "borrowing it" Then as luck would have it she woke up this morning with a horrible flu (she had the flu a week ago!!) and a fever which makes her want for the binky even worse! I have stayed strong though telling her we mailed them and she is doing better. She has just been watching her new favorite movie- Aaron & I's wedding video! She has never watched a whole movie in her life but she will sit and watch it getting so excited all the people she knows are on TV! So funny! But for any parents out there with young ones, get rid of the binky as early as possible or this will be you!! =)

Our exciting news of the week:
AUSTIN SLEPT UNTIL 4 AM!! YAY! Well he woke up at 1 AM but I just put his binky in and he went back to sleep. He goes to sleep so well on his own. Maybe I can start getting a little bit more sleep now...just maybe!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shop Til You Drop and other Adventures..

Well I haven't "updated" in awhile because it has been crazy but fun. We have had lots of family functions and events and a little flu bug that has gone through the family! NOT FUN! Here are just some pics I Have taken in the last month! Feel free to read on!!

Can we say shop til you drop?? Sienna crashed when I was out with my mom. I should have known something was up. She puked all over me later that night..oh the joys of motherhood!

This is what I found when looking back after lunch at In N' Out. Sienna loves stickers and Papa gets them for her so she can stick them all over the table, windows, chairs, herself...I bet the workers LOVE us. I try picking them off but those things sure stick, especially when she puts them all over the place-- BUT they sure keep her quiet..=)

Sienna attempted to put my mascara on..need I say more! That little girl is always up to something!

We went to Beaver, UT a couple weeks ago for Ainsley's blessing and I only got one measly picture. I am horrible! Oh well, it's still cute!

Austin LOVES Sienna's silky blanky. Sienna doesn't love that he likes it. We get lots of screams that it's "SIENNAS BLANKY!!" even though she has 3 of them. I guess I will have to venture out and get him a blue one. I thought it was a good blackmail photo for later.

We just celebrated my mom's b-day! We went to Northside Nathan's for pizza and hunmg out. Sienna wanted the fire pit on in the backyard and does Papa EVER say No to Sienna?? Of course not! That's why he is her best friend! Hope you had a great day Mom and even better time in Cali at the Buckaroo Show!! ha ha!

I love my little babies so so SO much!! They are my life!

In other news..
*CONGRATS Ashlee & Rico on Baby Dakota!
*Michelle is in town but we can't even see each other due to our sickies. Little Graham was put in the hospital with RSV but is home now! Poor thing!
*Adam is home from his mission! Welcome Home!
*Brandon and his wife Kelly are expecting! Another cousin! YAY!
*My cousin Becca finally got a kidney transplant! She has had to be missing her senior year! Due to a 15 year old's death, she finally got it so we are praying it works! I don't know the circumstances of the boys death but my heart aches for his family! Hopefully all goes well and Becca and Britt are off to BYU-I in the fall!

Well lots going on! Sorry to bore you with it but I use this as my journal!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Comparing Babies

Do you guys think they look a like? This is a picture of Austin recently and then Sienna at about the same age. I love to compare Sienna's pictures to Austin and see a resemblance! It is so fun!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We Miss You Daddy!!

Aaron left us Sunday morning and isn't getting home until Friday for a business trip!! My parents are gone on a cruise too which leaves me with no help especially with Jeremy!! He's been good so far though...and I feel safer at night with him here!
Anyways- Sienna wanted to take a picture for Daddy and she insisted she hold Austin for it!! (This girl is getting some major attitude the more she can speak!)
We all miss you and love you!!