Wednesday, May 28, 2008

4 Months Old

Austin is now 4 months old!! I wanted to post some pics to document the last month! He is 15 lbs and 25 3/4 inches! Sienna is his fav person even though she tortures him ALL day long. He loves to watch shows with Sienna is his swing and jumper. He wakes up at about 3 am and then at 6 am to eat. He is such an easy baby! He falls fast asleep right when I lay him down. He rolled over for the first time today!! We love him so much and are so glad he's such a healthy little boy!

*Austin loves bath time and especially with Sienna!

*He is starting to grab the toys and jump a little in his jumper.

*A typical day at our house. Austin chilling and Sienna running over to smother him saying "hi austin man" in a little baby voice

he tried out rice cereal for the first time! He wasn't so sure about it but I am sure over time he will chow down

I threw this in because we can FINALLY put Sienna's hair in a ponytail! I still have to clip her bangs back, but this is progress!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Girls Day Out!

This Saturday I had the fabulous oppurtunity of going out with some of my best girl friends! We all met up, with no makeup on might I add, and headed off to Nordstrom before it even opened! We received our free gift bags, watched a fashion show on all the new makeup products, and then headed off to MAC to get our makeup done! Thanks Katie for finding out about it!! We then did a little shopping and had a yummy lunch at Nordstom Cafe! We spent way too much $$ on the makeup they used on us but it was well worth it and SO fun to get out with the girls! It was much needed!! Thanks too all our hubbies who stayed home and watched the kiddies for us!! And thanks girls for a great time! When is our next adventure??

Friday, May 9, 2008

Attitude at 2!

So this has been Sienna's sayings the last few days

Me: Sienna, we don't color on the carpet.
Sienna: I color I want Mom!

This morning:
Mom:Sienna, can you hand me Austin's blanky?
Sienna: No, get it yourself

What's a mom to do?? We'll keep working on adjusting her attitude at 2 I guess. Good luck to me when this girls a teenager.....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Austin's Blessing

Thanks to everyone who came and showed their support! Austin was blessed on May 3, 2008. His grandpas told me he was smiling through the whole blessing. How cute is that!

Our attempt at a family picture! I can't even imagine getting more than 2 kids to look!

Great Grandpa & Grandma Albright

Granny LaRayne & Papa Bruce

What a little stud!

Sienna & Dax

All the new cousins!