Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh how I love my crazy lady....

Nursing her baby at dinner time

I was packing some of Austin's clothes up that are too small for him (sniffle!!) and she pulled his 0-3 month pants on and they fit her!

2 minutes later she got into my mascara. pretty huh??

She insisted on eating her spaghetti in Austin's walker

Just a typical Sienna face after filling her sippy, taking the lid off and dumping it all over the floor laughing..

I seriously can't keep up with Sienna. This girl keeps me going all day and night. I am documenting this for my journal purposes so read on if you like! I know one day I will forget these things so I am writing them down here! These pictures have all been taken within the last few days! She NEVER stops and lately wakes up at night screaming. She screams and talks and you have to make her wake up to stop. It is so annoying!! Anything from "Need my DORA shoes!!" (which she has NO dora shoes) to "Tickle my back!" You just gotta love her! Funny story. She heard me talking to my mom about someone smoking weed. So anyways- I didn't even know she was listening to me. Well that night Aaron is giving her a bath and she asks him "you smoking weed Dad?" Aaron was like "Where did that come from!?" and I figured it out. haha! The next day my mom asked Jeremy if he had pulled the weeds in the front yard. Sienna then looks at Jeremy and says "Jeremy, you smoking weed?" She is like a little sponge! She has no idea what it means but she knows she shouldn't say it so she does. I can only imagine who will hear it next and what they will think! She talks non-stop just like her mother. She makes us all sing Happy Birthday 100 times a day. We sing it to her sippy cup, all her friends, family, her food etc.. It is so fun to see her grow up into a little girl. I just wish she would slow down and just sit and watch a movie or something for longer than 10 minutes!