Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a fun holiday spending time with their family! Our exciting news.. After 4 months of Sienna going to nursery and being brought back to me within 10 minutes sobbing hysterically, Sienna stayed the WHOLE first hour! Now that's progress! Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

"wear my ladies!"

"I potty, wear my ladies!"
That is the statement I hear every day. "Ladies" is what Sienna calls her training underwear. She came back into my room today and had them pulled over her pants so I had to get a picture. Usually at least twice a day I find her with all her clothes pulled off trying to get her "ladies" on. Does this mean she is potty trained? Oh no.. she will sit on the toilet all day long saying "I potty mom!" but never actually goes. The other day she came to tell me "pee, carpet" and yes there was pee on my carpet from her! Oh well.. I guess you have to just enjoy the little funny things your kids do or you would go insane!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So it is official.. I am reaching the point where I can't get up by myself if I am laying down and get out of breath doing the dumbest things. It doesn't help that my kid likes to go around emptying every drawer in the house, which requires me to bend over and pick it up all day long. I get done picking up one mess to look up to another. All those who have been pregnant know that is NOT the most comfortable thing. Anyways the point of my post- I have been getting these wierd leg spasms in my inner thighs. I will be walking and have a shooting pain in my inner thighs. It is almost like my legs cramp up almost knocking me over. It's like a charlie horse in my inner thigh and they are getting more and more frequent! Anyone get these? I never did with Sienna... All I know is they hurt and I just want to make sure it is normal.. so let me know! PLEASE! I have tried upping my banana intake for the potassium but it is not working! Thanks!

Friday, December 14, 2007

So far in December...

A new post...I have had a few bugging me so here you go!

Because I use this as my journal, excuse all my rambling! Read on if you wish! This month has been completely crazy! We have had something every weekend and even the weeks are crazy with Christmas parties, christmas shopping (soo fun!) etc..etc..!

The first weekend in December we went to our niece Bailey's baptism and our nephew Jaxson's blessing in Logandale. Here are some pics of the event! It was fun and so neat to see Bailey be baptized. Aaron lived with Kim and Jamon when we dated (they still lived here in Vegas) and we always would watch Bailey and Sierra and see them. It wasa fabulous parent training! =) Bailey was 3 and Sierra 18 months then..I can't believe how time is flown and now she is 8!
Here is the whole family! Trying to get a pic of everyone... impossible!

Next is a picture of all the girl cousins. I am SO glad Sienna has cousins on at least one side and she absolutely loves every second of playing with them! I grew up with so many cousins around my age, I can't imagine life without cousins!

Later in the week we went to the Magical Forest put on by Oppurtunity Village for family night! Sienna LOVED the lights but she was still too young to enjoy the rides and it was freezing! It was still fun to spend time as a family because we don't get to do that very often with Aaron's crazy schedule.

(And yes I know I am ginormous... the joy of pregnancy..)

The next weekend was bittersweet! My parents flew with Sienna up to Salt Lake for the weekend. I went up to Cedar City with all the young women and leaders. We went to the Nativity at Tuacahn on Friday, stayed at one of the leaders beautiful cabins, and went to the play "A Christmas Carol" in Cedar City. It was a lot of fun and I have so much fun with the girls and leaders! It truly made me miss being 16, but so glad I am not there anymore! They were all blasting their music on their IPODs, dancing, singing, checking out boys.. etc.. etc..! It was hilarious and made me
just laugh thinking back at my young women days!

My parents flew out Thursday morning and didn't get back until Sunday night! I about died without my baby, but it was sure nice too! Aaron has school most the day on Saturday and we left earlier in the afternoon on Friday, so my parents took her with them! I am so blessed to have parents who take my kid anytime, anywhere. I am not kidding when I say Sienna is best friends with her Papa and Grandma. Aaron is gone so much, it's nice to have them to turn to whenever I need a babysitter! I had a fabulous lunch with the girls, got all my gifts bought and mostly wrapped and best of all, I saw Amanda's precious twins! They are seriously the cutest little girls!!

Well that is all for now, but this weekend Aaron's family will all be in town for the NFR and so we will be having more fun times!

I am just dying at how fast time is flying and preparing for another kid! AAH! Being prego over the holidays is a littel crazy because the time goes so fast! We still don't have a name and nothing is really done yet. (Can you tell it's our 2nd..haha) After the New Year we will start getting ready! Ok well this is LONG enough! Thanks for reading! Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season! I sure am with my little toddler- I never knew Christmas could be so fun!