Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby Pictures

I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures Megan took! (Thanks again Megan!) She got some really cool pictures of my little Austin and Sienna! Nothing too exciting going on here! Although I did venture out to Costco today with two kids and Sienna didnt even run away from me! (Bribing her with a churro always works..) This weekend we are heading up to Manti,UT for Jared's wedding! I will be driving two kids myself with Jeremy (who is no help with kids!!) to Beaver on Thursday night! Then Friday we will drive to Manti for the wedding and back home so we can be back for the reception here in Vegas on Saturday! Pray for me that my children aren't too bad! Jared chose the worst weekend possible for Aaron. He has finals all week and weekend BUT then he is finally done with school!! He won't know what to do having nights open and no homework but we are all sure excited! For those of you who dont know Megan-she is amazing- check out her site at www.megansagersphotography.com!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sienna is 2!

I still can't believe Sienna is 2! Time flies by way too fast! We just hung out with my family on her b-day. (Valentines Day) We had pizza and cake and just chilled. Sienna still sings happy birthday to herself every day and it just makes me laugh! I just love my little girl!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

So I know I am a day late but it was a little crazy yesterday being Sienna's b-day! Hope everyone had a great day!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Best Friends Forever

Carson and Austin don't know it yet but they are going to be the best of friends! Katie and I have already decided for them! At only 2 months apart I can only imagine the things these two are going to get into! If Austin is anything like Sienna watch out!! (Katie is said to be a lot like Sienna as a child so Carson may just be extremely busy too...) I am so excited to see them grow up together and be friends! I love that a lot of our friends live here and our kiddies are growing up together! It is so fun!

On another note I have to put some things Sienna has said lately that crack me up as I know I will forget in no time and I use this as my journal (now if I could get around to printing it all off and making a book..)
If you truly know Sienna, the face above is just so her


My mom was watching Sienna while I took Austin to the doctor in the morning. My mom asked Sienna what she wanted for breakfast as she opened the fridge. Sienna said "umm.. a pepsi" and grabbed one at of the fridge walking away with it.

While I nurse, Sienna likes to come up and ask me "milk on?" I guess she thinks I am like a faucet! (Can you blame her?) When Austin cries she likes to tell me "Mommy- Austin hungry, beakfast, milk on?" (Sienna's word for breakfast) She has also tried to nurse Austin herself.

While at Chili's last week the balloon lady came around. Well we were leaving so I just told her no. Well Sienna started whining for a balloon and then continues on to fold her arms and start praying "Heavely Father, balloon"

These are just a few I wanted to note. I just love her and she makes me laugh everyday!! I can't believe my little baby turns 2 on Valentines Day!!