Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

On Saturday we went to Kim & Jamon's in Logandale where we had yummy food, colored eggs and then had an easter egg hunt! Sienna LOVED getting eggs especially when she realized there was candy inside!

Getting ready to dye the eggs

Sienna wanted to eat the eggs more than dye them so she kept trying to crack them open. (she loves hard boiled eggs)

Sienna kept stealing the other kids eggs out of their baskets while we were taking pictures so they were getting mad at her. I was cracking up because that is just something Sienna would do when it involves candy and chocolate!!

All dressed up for church on Sunday!! I love Easter! The weather is always gorgeous and it so fun to spend time with the family.

Monday, March 24, 2008

2 Months Old!!

I can't believe it has already been 2 months! My little man is getting so big! I just love him more than I ever thought possible! How can you not with those chubby cheeks! Austin is an okay baby, not an angel like i dreamed but what baby is?;D He sleeps a lot which is nice but sure gets tummy aches quite a bit! Thank you Mylicon & gripe water! He hates when he gets the hiccups which is every time he eats and lately he wants to nurse every 2 hours! Aah! For the most part though he just wants to be held and then he is happy as can be and has started making little cooing sounds! I just love my little baby and he needs to stay little!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cousin Love!

This Saturday we went to St. George, UT to go to Statlen's blessing! We had the blessing at the church, a family luncheon, and then just went and hung out at Tiff & Wiley's house letting the kids go wild! It was fun to see everyone and see all the new babies that have joined our family in the last month!

This is what Sienna looks like after a day of fun with the cousins!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Adventures in Potty Training!!

First off, let me start off with I HATE potty training!!! So we started last week.. I was so sick of changing 2 kids diapers and Sienna always taking hers off and bringing it to me so the adventure began! I put her on the toilet every 30 minutes the first two days and by the 3rd day she just would go and sit on the toilet and go. GREAT I thought!! Well I just let her walk around naked and so now when I put her in clothes she goes in her pants! Well she is getting a little better with that one if we are at home, but it's still a pain. So today we are at the grocery store and she tells me she has to go potty, so off we go through the store and into the stall. Now this is not an easy task with 2 kids. You have to load Austin in and Sienna AND your diaper bag AND attempt to hold her up on the toilet while your trying not to gag. She has a little toilet seat that goes on top of the toilet at home. Well she won't go in a public bathroom without that dumb thing. She wants her Elmo seat to put on top because she says shes going to fall in!! So after 3 times of her saying "potty mom", trekking us all in there, and her screaming she finally pooped and peed in her underwear! AAHH!! Help! She does GREAT if we are at home or somehwere and she has her Elmo seat. I know it's only been a week but do I seriously have to pack her Elmo toilet with me? As if I don't have enough crap to pack around with a newborn and 2 year old!! If there is anyone out there reading this, friends, people who you know, ANYONE-- I need advice! How do I get her to 1) realize when her clothes are on you still have to go on the toilet and 2) go on the normal sized toilet?? I seriously am going to go a little insane here! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I should be glad she goes at home all the time now with barely any accidents but we need more than that here!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What We've Been Up To...

Jared & Jaylene's wedding was beautiful! It was QUITE the drive, but I got there right on time! Austin was up pretty much all night in Beaver so I thought I was going to kill us driving to Manti myself! I got some caffeine though and was good to go! After the sealing and luncheon I started driving away and got about a mile up the road and something didn't feel right with my car so I pulled over. Jared saw me on the side of the road so him and Jaylene pulled over as well to take a look. Well we call my uncle (who owns a mechanic shop) and he turns around to come check it out. It turns out my fuel pump had died! LUCKILY it was RIGHT out of Manti and my dad, uncle, and Jared were all with me! I would of had NO clue what to do! The first thing Jared says to me is "do you have any tools??"" My reply... "uumm no- I wouldn't even know what to do with them!!" So the just married Jared who is off to Vegas is laying under my car banging on the gas tank trying to get my car to start! I kept telling him to just go but Jared always is so sweet to help out anyone in need! Well luckily my hick brother knew people to call to find out who the best mechanic in town was and 3 hours later, and a nice chunk of $$ paid out,we were back on our way with a new fuel pump!! =)

Sienna came to find me while I was packing wearing my new shoes and it just made me laugh so I thought I would post!

At the luncheon I got this picture of Austin and I with his great-granpas! Precious!!

On the way home from Manti I ran into the hospital in Beaver to welcome my newest neice into the world!

Ainsley Paige Brown* February 29,2008* 7 lbs 14 oz.* 20" Congrats Trent & Kristen!

The on Friday night Other we went to Aaron's graduation! Here's a couple pics! He is still staying with CB Richard Ellis but it's always a nice back up to have a degree and it will help his business!! (Call him for any of your computer and electronic needs!) Let's be honest- most of you do anyways! =)

Thanks for all your hard work Aaron! I am so proud of you and we love you!!
And last but not least here is a picture of my little man!! He started smiling this week and I absolutely LOVE IT! He's starting to get a little double chin too- may the rolls begin!