Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Watch what you say....

So Aaron just pointed out to me..
The dogs were barking and Sienna was yelling "shut up" at them and then saying NO NO NO!!! He asked me if I realized what she was saying. Oops...

She talks non-stop these days and it usually isnt a problem when she copies everything we say. I couldn't help but laugh. Hopefully she won't say it when someone says something she doesn't agree with! We still love her and I can't get mad because I taught her to say it!

On another note at lunch today she would take a bite of her lunch, chew it, and open her mouth to show us and start cracking up. After I gave her a dirty look she would say "ja ja" and laugh even harder taking another bite and doing it again. Thanks a lot Jared! You just wait until you have kids.....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Donut vs. Jogging

So on Saturday morning I left Sienna with Aaron to go clean my dad's office first thing in the morning. I was really craving a donut, and for once I didn't have Sienna with me to get her out of the carseat, load her in the store etc.. etc.. you know the drill! I was SO excited to just go in a store MYSELF!! I was debating whether I should get a donut due to the fatness of one but I caved. I just wasn't going to care for once! (ok maybe twice or three times since I haven't been so health conscious lately)BUT I haven't had a donut in-- I can't even tell you how long!
ANYWAYS- SO i am pulling out of the parking lot thinking of how yummy my donut is going to be, when this lady jogs by. She is probably mid thirties and not only is she jogging at a very high speed (with a killer body might I add..) but has a whole waistband thing on holding about 6 small water bottes around her waist. Are you kidding me? It made me actually feel guilty even thinking of my donut! I knew there was no working out in my free time today... Needless to say I only ate 1/2 my donut and settled for an apple to fill me up!
I just wanted to post this story because I know people out there can relate. Not everyone is like my husbands family who can eat anything they want and LOSE weight! (I wish I could be like that!) I just thought I would vent that sometimes I just need to not care so much and eat my donut and not even care! SO tonight i made Aaron go on a walk with me just around the neighborhood, but better than nothing right??=) Is it just me who feels guilty when I eat crappy things or is it others out there?? Especially when you are pregnant and know you will have to lose extra weight that wasn't there before! Uugh! I will just remember how precious newborns are and that they don't stay that way forever! It's worth it right??

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So some know, some don't. I have known awhile but havent posted! We are very excited, especially Aaron! All my sister in laws on Aarons side are pregnant and so far it's 2 boys and we find out what Tiffany's having on Friday! 4 new cousins all within a day or a couple months apart! Watch out!

I am trying to teach Sienna to say baby "brother." She is excited, but really has no idea. She just thinks everyone has a baby in their tummy including herself. She is obsessed with her baby doll and we have to give it baths, change it into her jammies every night and then dress her in the morning, feed her, and take her all over with us. This poor boy doesn't know what's coming at him... Sienna is going to be such a little mom. Well I thought I would finally post the news! I wanted to put the ultrasound up but our scanner is down so this will have to do!