Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Old Beaver, UT

This last weekend I met Aaron in Beaver, UT on Friday (I was up in Provo before that) and we went and stayed at his family cabin with everyone! It was a lot of fun! It is so nice for the kids. They all just play outside and I don't have to worry because there isn't anywhere far to go. We always have lots of yummy food and just hang out as a family. I love Aaron's family. We have so much fun together and I wish we could see each other a little more often! It seems we go in spurts! I am so glad Sienna has so many cousins on Aaron's side! Granny & Papa got Sienna a Dora fishing pole. She was obsessed with it and acted like she was fishing all the time. she loved the Rhino and made Aaron take her on a couple rides and played, played and played some more! Austin wasn't too sure of all the noise (or altitude??) and liked to scream all night long. I was glad to be home and get some sleep! We had family pictures and oh was that a joy! 12 little kids and getting everyone to smile?? yea right! Sienna was the happiest of them all and did NOT want to take a picture away from me..she's such a brat sometimes but we still love her! (You will see from the pics I got of all the kids!) Let's hope the photographers turned out better than mine! Here's a few pics of the weekend!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Chris & Shani's Wedding

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My cousin Shani got married on July 11! The wedding was gorgeous and Shani in every way! Everything was pink! I loved it! I love you Shani and am so happy for you and Chris! We all love Chris and are so excited for him to join our family finally!! Sienna had a blast being a flower girl even though she was being extra bratty that day and refused to be in any pcitures! She loved playing with all her cousins and it really is too bad her and Markie are related!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's A Miracle!!

Sienna went to nursery today the WHOLE time and didn't even cry!! Now why is that a miracle you say? Well Sienna has been attempting to go to nursery for 11 months now. (She just turned 2 and 5 months the other day,and they start going to nursery at 18 months!) I don't know what it was, but my little social butterfly HATED nursery. If we even said the word "nursery" she would break into tears and cry hysterically saying "It's okay, I don't need nursery!!". She learned from the start if she cried for awhile the leaders would bring her to me. (more like screaming hysterically)Some of the time my mom just took her home with her after her church because Aaron or I were teaching and couldn't bring the 2 kids in with us- OR she just hung out with one of us in class. I didn't like her to come into young womens because I feel like she distracts the girls with her flirty ways. Well I think she got old enough for me to explain that I would be back to get her and miraculously she went and liked it!! Now I only have Austin to worry about! YAY!

As for an update on potty training.. Sienna has been fine at home for months, but when we were out it was too much for me to take both kids out and worry about her and Austin. I know I am a wimp, but Sienna is just hard enough to handle in a store without asking every second if she needs to go potty. SO.. I decided she was ready. We went and she picked out her "Dora" underwear. (the girl is OBSESSED with Dora!) She wants to wear it ALL the time which has made me not put her in pull-ups. Now instead of just wearing underwear at home we wear it all the time and we have only had 1 accident when she was too busy playing with Morgan! If I put her in a diaper, she just goes in it but won't in her underwear! For those of you reading this shaking your head, just wait until it's you! =) The rest, I know you understand!! Oh the joys of being a mom!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What we did in June...

June was a busy month! Since I plan on making this a book, I am making myself put some of the many pictures and adventures we had in June up so I can remember what we have done!

Austin went to Lake Mead on the boat for the first time. He loved it even though it was so hot! He is such a chill baby and I just hope he stays that way!

Papa & Austin

This picture cracks me up! His lifejacket was just a little too big!

The second week of June I went with my parents and the kids up to our house in Springville, UT to take Jeremy to EFY! (I say ours like it belongs to me too, ha! I just reap the benefits of having a nice place to stay!)
We went on walks in the beautiful weather, hung out in an actual real backyard, watched lots of movies in the theater room and visited all my favorite decorating stores there!

Typical Sienna grabbing my mom's pop off the counter and licking the remains of brownie batter off the bowl! I know, I am a bad mom letting her eat that but oh well!

I took Sienna to the "Art City Days" Carnival with my cousins! She LOVED it!

Jess, Sienna & Victoria

We did a whole lot of this...

Sienna at Dax's birthday party

We said goodbye to my family's dog Rambo. He was put to sleep due to old age! So sad!

For Aarons birthday Ryan hooked us up with a super nice suite at the Paris! My mom watched the kids for us and off we went! We ate at a yummy Brazilian Restaraunt and just hung out the two of us! It was SO nice to just be together and not have to worry where Sienna was and what she was getting into! I take tons of pics of my kids but didn't get one measly pic of us! Oh well it was still fun!

The view from our room- we could just watch the water show!

My little man turned 5 months old! NO..... stop growing!!

Well that sums it up! That took way too long to upload and explain but I will be glad when I can just move everything over into BLURB for my journal!

Last but not least I had to post this picture of Carson to show my kid isn't the only one who LOVES sweets!! ha ha!

This was Carson's face when Katie took the cone away! It still makes me laugh at how mad he was!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girls Night Out!!

Michelle, Katie and I took Shani out to Cheesecake Factory for a little night out before she got married! So it was nothing fancy.. what do you expect from us old ladies? =) It was so fun to just eat yummy food and yack the night away- it's what we do best! I just love my little Shani Boo Boo (her nickname from when she was little!) Her wedding was gorgeous and had Shani written all over it! You will see what I mean if you know her when I post the pics of that! I just wanted to document our night because I plan on making a book of my blog for this year!

Monday, July 7, 2008

A not so fun 4th at our house!!

I have been so excited to have a long weekend that was supposed to be fun! We always have a fun 4th of July weekend. We had plans with friends, and just hanging out as a family. Boy were my plans wrong! About 8 pm Thursday night Sienna threw up all over the stairs. (yea that was a blast to clean up!) Then she continued throwing up til about 5:30 in the morning. About every 30-45 minutes Aaron would be getting yelled at to come help again! (He couldn't sleep, and why would you when you have to get up anyways!) We would just get back to sleep and it would hit my poor Sienna again. So off the sheets went, then towel after towel, until there was no more left! THEN at about 2:30 am Aaron yells to me that Austin is throwing up too! Oh what a joy! His flu was not nearly as severe as Sienna's, but he had his fair share of sickness! Saturday night the bug hit me and it was not fun at all! Aaron only had a little bit of the bug luckily so he was still getting yapped at to get us all what we needed. =) Needless to say this weekend was very long! I am glad we are all feeling A LOT better and all sheets, mattress covers, and towels are almost done being washed! Whew! I hope this doesn't happen for a LONG time again! I know it will though's how it goes when you have a family! Hope everyone else had a better 4th than us! We did get to go outside and see what little fireworks our neighbors had going for a few minutes! Let's just say they aren't very patriotic in our neighborhood! =)